Sunday, June 20, 2010

Roller coaster ride

Life is just a roller coaster ride with it ups and downs. I have work at our hospital since 1991 and I call it a roller coaster ride I have worked under eight CEO’s they all have a different agenda. Work is on a ride now not sure how it is going to end. Then there is life with death, sickness; closing of business were all downs but then being blessed that you are able to spend time with family, money to pay your bills are ups.

In Brad Wilcox book “The Continuous Atonement” he said this “I remember as a young school teacher (with a large and active class) asking my wife Debi, “When does life even out? Why does it always feel like a roller coaster with so many highs and lows all in the same day? I wish life would just level out.”

Being a nurse, Debi replied, “Brad, when you get hooked up to the heart monitor, you don’t want to see a straight line. That’s bad news. It’s the up and down lines that let you know you are alive.

The highs and lows let us know we are participating and not just observing, learning and just not existing. President Gordon B Hinckley, said, “I know it isn’t easy, it’s discouraging at times, sure. Aren’t you glad it isn’t just fun all the time? Those valleys of discouragement make more beautiful the peaks of achievement”

So I am going to try and enjoy the ride and make the best of life set goals to be more positive and forgiving. I have been reading the Book of Mormon when I started this time I started looking for the word forgive or forgiveness it isn’t there very often but the word repent is almost on every page. Doing this will make the ride more bearable

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break

We went to CA with Gretchen and family and Erika. We have a time share that we have never used. They (Gretchen & Erika) said they would pay for every thing else if we could use the time share. With every thing going on with our life we took them up on it. We drove to the valley on Tues. and left on wed, Devin had a volley ball thing he had to go to that morning. Thursday went to Disney Land Gretchen & Erika had put together humanity back pack for the Gilbert fire department so we got complimentary tickets. We spent the days there Gary and I were beat by the time we left, but it was a good day.

Gary, Erika got hats and Dylan got his mickey ears.

Fri Erika got tickets for us to go whale watching. Gary and I had done this on our Alaskan cruise. It is quite amazing like Erika said it is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. The ocean is so big but we found three. We stayed with two for quite a while.

Sat we went to the beach. Steve’s sister lives in Ca so she came and spent the day with us.
Came home Sunday back to work Wednesday. We won’t talk about work.

There has been so much death in our valley, it is sad. We loss another one of our class mates George Proctor, he lived with Gary and his family our senior year.
I saw a robin the other day and got excited that we might be having spring soon!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I just finish reading “The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank” it is hard to imagine being in hiding for two years. She had written something that really made me think “Nature is the one thing for which there is no substitute. They were not able to go out side and how she longed for fresh air. As cold as it is or with wind or snow we have the freedom to go or stay inside. There are so many things of nature that we get to enjoy every day. So let’s smile and enjoy!!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Another month has come and gone. Life isn’t easy but I have to remember that we aren’t given more than we can handle. We had a good snow storm. Alpine and Luna was with out electric for 3 to 4 days, it was good run for my sisters to find out what they need.
The kids had a snow day so was out of school. One of my co worker neighbors made this snow dragon she told me about so Gary and I went too see it then it made it into the paper.

Wally’s is closed almost clean out. We have had someone come and break down the sample racks. Now you realized how big it is. We are hoping to sell the building. We went for a two hour interview to sign Gary up for social security / disability.

We have been blessed in many ways. We have a wood burning stove and wood to keep us warm; have food to eat, family that cares, I have a job, and so much more. The one thing I wish we were debit free and things wouldn’t be so hard when you go down to just my income.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


January Message from “Time out for women”
We're putting away the notion of New Year's Resolutions this year.Instead, we're bringing out HOPE.Or, rather, New Year's Hopes.Some of us have hope for a mended broken heart.Some of us have hope for more capacity in the one we have.Some of us have hope for the life growing inside us to be born healthy.+Some of us hope for the chance to mother in any way possible.
Some of us hope for the man of our dreams to come along.Some of us hope for the strength to support the man of our dreams.Some of us hope for the will to finally get our bodies in shape.Some of us hope for one more year with our bodies.Whatever we hope FOR, those hopes are only possible because of what we hope IN. As women of God, we hope IN
• the power of the Savior's atonement to change our hearts
• the sanctity of eternal families
• the strength of our covenants
• the reality of eternal life
So, this year, we invite you to write down your HOPES...what you hope FOR.Then write how that hope can be a reality because of what you hope IN.Happy New Year to your HOPES!

I am hoping for a year with more stability in our finances a s I look back on last year there were some good times but it didn’t end well. Gary & I finally made the decision to close Wallys. We are going in debit trying to pay the bills for the store. It is going to be a big change in our lives more so for Gary. I live with hope that that we will be guided in our decisions. I just have to have hope and faith.

Dec came and went we were so busy Chris married Lisa Hathcock Dec 12 in the AZ temple. The following weekend we had an open house for them here in Eagar. Erika come home and help it was a lot of work but turn out beautiful.

We had been making snowflakes since thanksgiving when the lights were turn out it was like a winter wounder land.

The next weekend was Christmas so we had a house full. Devin stayed with us for two weeks I am glad at 16 he still wants to spend time at grandmas.
Trying to save money we have started heating with wood it is a different kind of heat bur nice